Some of our organizations specialize in consultation to clients and families about housing options in their area. The types of supports services range by agency, but generally some of our members can meet to discuss an individual's housing plan for the future. 

Why Is Having a Housing Plan So Important?

  • Where you live matters so much to your quality of life, safety, security and your ability to access the services and supports you need.
  • Having control over where you live means you won’t have to move because someone else wants you to.  If you want to change service providers, you can do that without having to move.   
  • Having permanently affordable housing means you won’t have to keep moving, always chasing affordable rent, and being forced into increasingly depressed, unsafe neighborhoods.
  • The human service system does not pay for housing. Housing is the most expensive thing that people with disabilities must pay for themselves.
  • Housing is one of the ways that families and others may be able to help financially, without impacting a person’s eligibility for SSI and MediCal services.
  • Many service provider agencies do not provide housing.  They only help people find rental housing.  Most service provider agencies are thrilled when people have good quality, affordable housing available to them on a long-term basis.
  • If a person with a disability is not ready to move out of the family home yet, this does not mean a long-term plan for housing cannot be developed!  A plan for housing can take account of the support services a person will eventually receive, and can ensure the housing arrangement is best for attracting service providers, minimizing support staff turnover and accommodating a housemate to share support services.