As Legislative Session Ends, Eight out of Ten of Our Top Priority Bills Head to Governor

Which of our priorities became two-year bills?

Friday was the deadline for the Legislature to pass bills to Governor Brown. After all the last-minute lobbying and negotiating, we're proud to report that eight out of ten of our top priority bills made it to the governor, and the remaining two have the option to become "two-year bills," which means they remain alive and can be revisited in January 2016. Watch next week for our in-depth analysis of the full legislative session.

Since our last Capitol Reporter . . .

AB 35 (Chiu and Atkins) passed the Senate and Assembly concurrence and is headed to the governor's desk. Originally a $300 million increase in annual housing tax credits, this bill was amended down to $100 million/year and now includes a five-year sunset clause. While not what we'd hoped for, this bill is still a win and Housing California looks forward to working with longtime housing supporter Assemblymember David Chiu to secure the governor's signature on this important bill.

Also headed to Governor Brown's desk:

What's Next? Governor Brown has until October 11th to sign or veto all bills.

Becoming Two-Year Bills AB 1335 (Atkins) did not advance out of its first house this session. Despite a strong start and tremendous amount of work by a broad and powerful coalition of housing advocates, builders, business groups, faith-based groups, even law enforcement, and many many others -- including residents of affordable developments in the growing Residents United Network -- in the end, this bill did not have the votes needed to advance out of the Assembly. In 2016, the bill's author Speaker Toni Atkins will have the opportunity to decide whether or not she wants to move the bill forward.

AB 718 (Chu) is also becoming a two-year bill. In spite of some incredibly hard work on this bill, in the end, the votes were't quite there, so the bill's author Assemblymember Kansen Chu elected to make this a two-year bill. We will continue to push hard for this important legislation in the new year.

Kristin Martin Executive Director HOPE, Inc. www.hope-homes.org