Casey's Comments for Future Housing

Dear Friends,

I write this as I suspect many of you feel the way I do, confused, baffled and most of all unsure of what will happen next. We assumed who would win, and we also made an assumption, that politics, business and our lives as we know it would basically-and fundamentally stay the same. We know that most of the time, politics does not affect our daily lives-we still have family drama, work issues, and goals that we personally strive for each day. Yes, some of us may be fighting for things such as housing, rights for those with disabilities, diversity, changes for wages, better education, better jobs etc---maybe not directly, and for some lobbying directly. That work-the arguments, setbacks, the unknowns, and victories will not change. We will still have them, just differently.

I hope, and pray that this president, who has kept everyone guessing-even his own party members-does what is right for this country, the people, and ultimately for the world. But, reality is that we do have to continue our work, and how we do this will just have to be with fluidity, transparency and with the ability to think not just outside the box-but with true and definite strategy that sees, feels and understands all sides (as I think there is really no two sides-but so many more) of every issue.

Our issue, and what I think we need to do as a group, is consider what LHA really stands for, what we want and remember our mission-today and every day. We need housing for those with developmental disabilities. Housing is not one political party, it is not one color of people, and it is not one religion, nor is it one type of housing.

Let us look at the people who will run our local, state and federal government, and WORK it.



Feeling passionate, in a 'mood', and needing change.

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